Dissolve Acetylene (DA) Gase

We are a renowned Acetylene gas supplier in India. This Acetylene sometimes also referred to as D A Gas, is a hydrocarbon. It is basically colorless fuel gas and used extensively in industries for metal cutting and brazing applications. Acetylene produces the highest known flame temperature when mixed with Oxygen. Commercially it is produced by the reaction of Calcium Carbide with water. The Acetylene is highly unstable in nature and needs to be dissolved in a solvent called Acetone or DMF. Because of its highly unstable nature, Acetylene is always stored in Acetylene gas cylinders already saturated with required quantity of solvent. Acetylene cylinders are basically of 2 types, Seamless and Three Parts Welded. Acetylene is sometimes also referred to as Dissolved Acetylene because it has to be stored in dissolved state in a solvent.

Common Uses And Applications in Industries

  • ⦁ As a flame cutter for metal cutting / welding / brazing purpose.
  • ⦁ As a lighting lamp in mines and caves.
  • ⦁ As a carburizing agent / hardening agent in steel industry.
  • ⦁ As a gas in AAS – Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.
  • ⦁ Some of the pharmaceutical's industry also uses Acetylene dissolved in DMF.
  • General Instructions

    The following are general recommendations to follow while using the cylinder:

  • ⦁ Inspect the equipment regularly to check any external damage to valves and cylinders
  • ⦁ Do not drag the cylinder over a long distance.
  • ⦁ Ensure the flashback arrestors, valves, and regulators used are dirt-free and clean.
  • ⦁ Always use flashback arrestors that comply with industry standards.
  • ⦁ If using capped cylinders, ensure the cap is properly fitted onto the cylinder, while being transported or stored.
  • ⦁ Always use the dissolved acetylene cylinders in vertical positions
  • ⦁ Do not modify or repair the valves and cylinders on your own, always approach the manufacturer to get the repair done.
  • ⦁ Avoid using the cylinder near any heat source.
  • ⦁ Use a proper pressure regulator to connect the cylinder to a low-pressure equipment.
  • ⦁ Check for tampered identification marks before transporting the cylinder.
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